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Our bodies are made of organs, which are made of cells, which are made of molecules, which are made of atoms that communicate through vibration. Doctors and researchers at the NIH and Mayo Clinic discovered that specific medical-grade vibrations arranged in certain patterns speak directly to different parts of the body. Your adrenal glands literally have their own vibe (!). TUNE's proprietary frequencies focus on the areas that tend to hold stress (at the top and base of the spine) and they communicate even more powerfully when paired with neuromusic composed to transport racing minds.


TUNE uniquely applies these breakthrough findings to optimize the ultimate control center—your nervous system, and thus, your whole body and its every function. TUNE vibrations are intentionally sequenced along the parts of the spine where large nerve clusters serve as an active communication hub: where your central nervous system talks to your peripheral nervous system...through vibration. And because humans are vibration at the most fundamental level, TUNE can work in harmony with the body to ensure it absorbs 100% of the frequencies and the healing they encourage.


You’re not an anxious person. You’re a person experiencing a moment of anxiety...which is a completely normal reaction given the uncountable inputs and pings that flood us day in and day out. These hits put our nervous system in sympathetic fight-flight-freeze mode far too often—it’s estimated we spend upwards of 80% of our lives in this stress response state while we were only equipped to be in it about 4% of the time.


What evolved as a survival mechanism to give you a burst of energy to react fast to life-threatening situations is now burning you out in record time. Your nervous system scans and adapts to your environment moment-to-moment, and it’s notorious for overreacting to non life-threatening stressors like traffic or a late bill by releasing a surge of cortisol and adrenaline into the system. This constant state of low (and high) grade chronic stress puts our bodies at risk of cognitive decline, heart attack, stroke, weight gain, high blood pressure, insomnia, anxiety, depression, digestive issues and an immune system unable to repair itself from the everyday. In the nonstop era of survival of the fastest, we are accelerating at a pace our bodies alone can’t keep up with. That’s where TUNE comes in, reducing stress by 54% and expanding your nervous system’s capacity to process complex information necessary to get through the day. So you can TUNE in and come out different on the other side every time.


Most of us don’t know our nervous system holds the keys to our entire well being. It controls and communicates with every part of the body—every move, breath, thought and reaction is informed by it. Ten billion cells called neurons are the building blocks of the brain, spinal column and nerves of the nervous system. They are responsible for receiving, conducting and distributing information in the form of electrical and chemical impulses. It’s all connected, so when a signal is sent from one part of the body, it can reach another in less than a millisecond.


Your nervous system interprets the outside world so your body knows how to internally respond, adapt and survive. At a time when our nervous systems are the most overworked they’ve ever been, it’s time to TUNE in.


  • Its base is modeled after the hollow bow of a violin to ensure the vibrations are 100% absorbed by the body and won't dissipate. It's also hand constructed with sustainable wood, certified by Finnish forests (the highest standard of certification available).

  • It targets the nerve communication centers where we hold the most stress: at the base of the skull and the sacrum.

  • It translates audio input (neuromusic) into physical vibrations with incredible precision.

  • It cushion is constructed of medical-grade leather, and is super comfortable and fully anti-microbial.

  • It's hand assembled by a family-owned woodworking facility in Connecticut.

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