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Vibration is the language of the body.

Times have changed but our bodies haven’t—the same nervous system that had us running from lions thousands of years ago now fires off every time we receive a challenging email. Our bodies literally can’t tell the difference, and process all stress as a matter of survival of the fastest. As we accelerate into the most complex times ever known to humans, we find ourselves overwhelmed at levels we’re simply not equipped for.


With TUNE, vibroacoustic technology combines powerful medical-grade frequencies with originally-scored therapeutic neuromusic that has been specially composed by medical musicians to calm racing minds. The result? A shift away from your sympathetic nervous system (i.e., "fight or flight") and into your parasympathetic nervous system (i.e., "rest and recovery"), helping you to rebalance. If humans had a reset button, this would be it.


TUNE is the most efficient de-stressing technology for our modern-day lives. Originally developed for patient treatment at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Mayo Clinic, this scientifically-proven technology literally tunes the entire body to its most optimal state and keeps it there, reducing stress by 54%, improving sleep and helping you maintain your edge. 

No matter what you come to the table with, with a 15-minute session three times per week, TUNE manually resets your nervous system so you can self-regulate in the face of all life’s complexity—to not only survive but thrive in modern times.

By bringing this technology into our Spa, Yoga 360 is one of only three public TUNE locations in Illinois and less than a dozen nationally,

Note: Having a pacemaker is a contraindication for participating in TUNE sessions.


On the day of your session, you'll choose from one of six session types to best match your needs:

  • Create: Opens dynamic neural connections that support a creative thought process while inducing flow state.

  • Brighten: Our most popular session offers a dose of happiness endorphins and an adrenal boost. Brighten is also known as the "Happiness Session."

  • Sleep: Rebalances the circadian rhythm, resulting in deeper, more effective sleep patterns. (Note: This session will not make you sleepy if done during the day.)

  • Cleanse: Helps rebalance intense or overwhelming feelings to restore resiliency and clarity.

  • Recover: Offers deep restoration for the body, helping to reduce lactic acid buildup and to support recovery for the whole system.

  • Focus: Allows for deeper and longer periods of time in concentration, while reducing brain fog and fatigue.


(Each session is 15 minutes. Allow 30 minutes for your full experience to provide an opportunity to relax in our Spa Lounge afterward before returning to your day.)

Single Session | $25

5-Session Package | $100 ($20 per session, save $25)

A select number of monthly unlimited memberships ($150/mo) are available. Please inquire with our front desk concierge team if you are interested in learning more about this option. 

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