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Spring Awakening

The last bursts of arctic air. The gradually increasing temperatures and days that grow brighter and brighter as daylight extends a little bit longer. The return of singing birds and little glimpses of green as nature perks up around us. After a season of introspection, reflection and rest, March brings with it a sense of reawakening. It marks a turning point for us as we shed the layers of winter and invite new growth and change. It begins a season for revitalizing every aspect of ourselves, from physical to emotional and spiritual. It's a time for transformation.


Exciting, right? We have an extra kick in our step already. As we awaken to our deepest desires, it's important this time of year to be generous and flexible with ourselves, to be open to change, to continue our self-care practices, and to welcome support from loved ones and friends. That was our exact intention as we curated our seasonal collection of classes, services and products this month...and as we redecorated our wellness boutique, too. From the moment we walk through the doors, a peaceful sense of calm as aroma fills the air and soothing music fills our souls. Stop in - we're waiting for you.

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