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Setting Your Intentions for Self-Care and Self-Love

Self-love and self-care are integral cornerstones of healing our relationships with ourselves. For many of us, learning to love ourselves will be one of the most challenging tasks we’ll ever face. However, over the next 14 days, I will give you simple tools to help you move, nourish, and reflect throughout the day so you feel positive, centered, and loved.

Loving ourselves does not mean we are selfish or self-centered. I teach what is called The Heart’s Wisdom. The intention is that the physical heart as an organ must nourish, pump blood to, and take care of itself before it can nourish, pump blood to, or take care of any other part of the body. We, too, must follow this wisdom and nourish and take care of ourselves before we can take care of other people. If we are running on empty, how can we serve? By practicing self-care and learning to extend love to ourselves, we begin to cultivate feelings of self-worth, strength, and resiliency.

Though the next 14 days, we will explore six parts of our whole being as we reset towards self-care/self-love. Let's set our intention towards opening ourselves up:

  • Physically: Internally and externally, by prioritizing things like sleep and nutrition.

  • Emotionally: By processing and verbalizing feelings with trusted friends.

  • Mentally: By trying new activities that challenge and stimulate us mentally.

  • Spiritually: By assisting in feelings of connectedness, oneness, and universality.

  • Socially: By spending quality time with individuals who uplift and support us

  • Practically: By caring for routine aspects of our lives.

Each tool is designed to empower on its own, but when accumulated throughout the 14 days, we will have a whole new daily routine to keep our self-care/self-love ritual going throughout the year. Practicing tools for self-care in all aspects of our lives can help nurture us as whole beings and leave no area of our lives unattended. When we feel as though we’re being cared and loved for, we can give more to others—and this positive energy comes back to us tenfold.

Don’t forget to follow along to win prizes:

  1. Follow us @yoga360 on Facebook or Instagram.

  2. Take a selfie or quick video of you practicing that day’s self-care/self-love and post it to Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag, #findingomathome and the day you're on (#day1). The days don't need to be consecutive, we just want you taking care of you. This is just a fun way to challenge ourselves to explore more and stay accountable.

  3. Tag your post with @keepingupwithcolleen on Instagram so I can encourage you on your journey.

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