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Sauna Wellness

A place to heal. A place to reflect. A place to invest in you.


We know life gets intense sometimes. Stress, lack of sleep and/or exercise, pain that just won't go away - we've been there. That's why we also know that in a world of always moving, it's important to just be. 


With the addition of sauna wellness therapy, The Spa at Yoga 360 now has one more tool to help you to better balance your body, mind, and life. While many saunas feature infrared therapy with just one wavelength, our sauna uses patented Solocarbon 3-in-1 smart technology to deliver the healing benefits of all three wavelengths - near, mid and far - to help you achieve your optimal health results. It's a proven, effective tool for natural healing and prevention.

Please note:

  • Having a pacemaker or being pregnant are contraindications for participating in infrared sauna sessions at Yoga 360.

  • For your first visit, an Intro 15 Minute Sauna Session with Instruction ($28) is required. This will allow your body the opportunity to become accustomed to infrared therapy.

On the day of your session, you'll choose from one of the following six session types that best matches your needs (allow 45 minutes). Each are designed to emit the optimal blend of infrared wavelengths (based on more than 50 clinical studies).


Each has a specific intention to help you achieve exactly what you need:

  • Anti-Aging: Renew your skin by harnessing a scientifically-proven "fountain of youth" and revitalize your skin's appearance. Near-infrared LED technology increases collagen and elastin. Far infrared waves increase circulation, helping regenerate cells.

  • Detox: Sweating better is one of the body's safest and most natural ways to heal and maintain good health. Our sauna's high-quality infrared promotes effortless, deep, productive sweat.

  • Pain Relief: Recover faster with blended infrared wavelengths that help deliver more oxygen to muscle cells for faster repair and pain relief from minor aches to chronic pain conditions.

  • Relaxation: Truly relax and destress as you step into your peaceful wellness sanctuary and experience therapeutic heat that leaves you feeling physically restored and mentally refreshed.

  • Weight Loss: Increase metabolism and burn calories (upward of 600!) while you relax in total comfort. Far infrared sauna wavelengths create a passive workout, stimulating sluggish metabolism and improving fat burning. 

  • Overall: For those newer to the infrared sauna experience, this gentle overall session includes an even amount of all three wavelengths to introduce you to the benefits of sauna as a way to achieve your wellness goals. Temperature and intensity will stay same throughout this session.


(Allow 45 minutes for your session so you can enjoy your full sauna experience and also have an opportunity to relax in our Spa Lounge afterward before returning to your day.)

Single Session | $45

5-Session Package | $200 ($40 per session, save $25)


Enjoying a 20-minute overall sauna session before or after a class or service is a great way to destress and find a few minutes to just be. A sauna 20-minute add-on session is $29 and can be purchased by giving us a call at (815) 806-0360.

A select number of monthly unlimited memberships ($250/mo) are available. Please inquire with our front desk concierge team if you are interested in learning more about this option.

Required 15 minute intro sessions are free with purchase of a package. 

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