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At Yoga 360, our spa therapists have created a soothing oasis immersed in a philosophy of attuning the whole person to the rhythms and cycles of nature. 


Cinnamon and Clove Seasonal Massage (75 min)

This full-body relaxation massage is specially designed to help seasonal stress melt away. Through the combined benefits of gentle to medium pressure bodywork, soothing aromatherapy, and stress-melting warm stones, feel your tight tissues relax and your senses calm. Rejuvenating fall scents of cinnamon and clove will remove blockages and stimulate energy flow to your whole body, mind and spirit. - $109




Our Signature Experience for Relaxation

Lavender Warm Stone Savasana Treatment (allow 75 min)

Not a massage, but by far our most relaxing treatment. After a light full-body exfoliation, slow, mind-centering strokes of lavender-scented oil hydrate the skin and calm the mind. As your body rests, receive a facial and scalp massage. - $84

Our Signature Experiences for Specific Body Work

Crown Chakra Renewal Massage (90 min) | (60 min)

In this full-body massage, exceptional attention is given to the neck, face, and scalp. Using ancient massage techniques, warm stones, and heat therapy, release unwanted tension and stress transforming your whole self into pure bliss. - $139 | $109


Sacral Relief Massage  (90 min) | (60 min)

A full body massage with special attention on the low back, glutes, and hamstrings. Treatment includes heated backpacks, detoxing mud, and herbalized stimulating oil and deep pressure points. - $137 | $107

Our Other Blissful Experiences

CBD Infused Massage (90 min) | (60 min)

In this full-body experience, the soothing, anti-inflammatory effects of cannabidiol,

or CBD, work in unison with massage techniques designed to quiet the mind and relax the body. - $127 | $87

Yogi Detox Massage (90 min) | (60 min)

A full body massage using detoxifying oil, deep stretching, and extra scalp

massage. - $116 | $86

Prana Flow Massage  (90 min) | (60 min)

A relaxing massage most similar to a Swedish that includes seasonal aromatherapy oils. - $119 | $79

Prenatal Massage (90 min) | (60 min)

A treatment created to support and nurture both mother-to-be and baby. - $78 | $118

Deep Healing Massage (60 min)

A deep tissue massage idea for stubborn or chronic conditions, including postural problems and many repetitive-use issues. - $89

Tension Release Massage (45 mins)

This focused massage helps release specific areas where you carry tension and stress. - $60

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