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Fall Into New Opportunities

"You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new." - Brian Tracy

As we flip the calendar to October, we find ourselves now fully in fall, which is symbolized by the balancing of light and dark -- both in nature and within ourselves. Fall is a time for winding down and going inward for self-reflection as we prepare for the coming months. If we don't take the time to mindfully and regularly prune our branches -- much like the trees are teaching us to do right now -- the dead weight we carry won't be able to bring us new seedlings in the future. Holding onto negative emotions, limiting beliefs, and sabotaging behaviors creates stress and is unhealthy for our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. There may be other things waiting to come into our lives that we aren't even aware of because we're still caught up in our old patterns. Breaking away from that which no longer serves us can feel awkward and uncomfortable - even scary. But if we want to live a life where we feel energized, passionate, motivated, and fulfilled, fall is the perfect time to stop and take inventory of what we need to prune and release in order to make way for new opportunities.

There's relief when learning what can help bring us deep calm and peace as we work to transition and release. Let us help. At Yoga 360, we have curated a seasonal collection of classes, services and products all designed to bring and keep us open up to new opportunities this October. Stop in for warm smiles and big hugs. We can't wait to see you next.

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