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Connecting with Community 

Twinkling lights and holiday music. The soft falling snow and finding just the right gift for that special person. Decorations and warm cups of tea. Making plans to spend time with loved ones. There are so many things we tend to look forward to this time of year. And yet, sometimes the holiday season brings with it a touch of sadness or anxiety. Perhaps due to our packed social calendars; or memories of the people and celebrations from the past; or the colder, darker weather.

During this time of year - the month of the the winter solstice - the Northern Hemisphere is pointed at its furthest distance from the sun, bringing us less light and colder temperatures. Its intention is to guide us into winter. It's nature's way of telling us to slow down, snuggle up, and enjoy the company of loved ones. Our bodies and minds find great relief in a good laugh, a loving connection, a reassuring hug, a sympathetic ear, and signs that we are supported - in other words, our Yoga 360 community! Take a look at the seasonal collection of classes, services and products we have curated to foster loving, supportive relationships and help connect us with community this December. We can't wait to see you next.

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