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Bringing In Balance  

Ohhhh, the fall. We simply love seeing the gorgeous colored leaves while driving or taking a stroll through nature. The crisp air feels nice, too, especially near the warmth of a crackling bonfire. Smelling festive scents of pumpkin, chai and cinnamon as they waft from seasonal teas and candles is one of our absolute favorite things. And if feels so good when we get those sparks of creativity or feel newly inspired to explore an old idea or project. 

Here's the thing. Even in a season with all of this beauty, we sometimes feel pretty anxious this time of year. The littlest things can seem huge, and routine activities that we do year-round can suddenly feel overwhelming during the late fall. Sometimes our energy feels zapped, too, and we need to give ourselves more breaks - physically and emotionally. 


There's comfort in knowing all these feelings are normal, and so many of us are feeling them. And there's relief when learning what can help bring us deep calm and peace. Let us help. At Yoga 360, we have curated a seasonal collection of classes, services and products all designed to bring and keep us in balance this November. We understand that sometimes the best remedies are warm smiles or great big hugs so please, stop in to see us. Greeting friends - those we've known a while and those brand new - is the best part of our day.

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