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Massage and Treatments



Experience a soothing oasis immersed in a philosophy of attuning you - your whole body, mind and spirit - to the rhythms and cycles of nature. 

Our Signature Experience for Relaxation

Lavender Warm Stone Savasana Treatment (60 min)

Not a massage, but by far our most relaxing treatment. Feel your mind and body calm as you experience light exfoliation with silk garshana gloves over your full body. Then slow, mind-centering strokes of lavender-scented oil over warm stones will hydrate your skin and further relax your mind. As your body rests, receive a facial and scalp massage.- $89

Our Signature Experiences for Specific Body Work

Crown Chakra Renewal Massage (90 min) | (60 min)

Release unwanted tension and stress as spa therapists use ancient massage techniques, warm stones and heat therapy to transform your whole self into pure bliss. A full-body massage, this experience draws exceptional attention to your neck, face, and scalp. - $144 | $114


Sacral Relief Massage  (90 min) | (60 min)

Feel tension release from your lower back, where stress can tend to sit heavily. Spa therapists use heated backpacks, detoxifying mud and deeper pressure points to help you feel lighter and more open. A full body massage, this experience draws exceptional attention to the low back, glutes, and hamstrings. - $142 | $112

Our Other Blissful Experiences

CBD Infused Massage (90 min) | (60 min)

Feel your body relax and allow your mind enjoy the experience of quiet as soothing, anti-inflammatory effects of cannabidiol, or CBD, work in unison with full-body massage techniques. - $127 | $92

Cupping Massage (90 min) | (60 min)

Experience release as movement with suction cups helps loosen to rigid tissues, clear stagnation and promote better circulation of blood and lymph. A full-body massage paired with the ancient technique of cupping helps to decreases pain and tightness throughout your muscles, and also rejuvenates tissue. Please review these important notes about cupping therapy before receiving services . - $125 | $95

Yogi Detox Massage (90 min) | (60 min)

Allow deep stretches, detoxifying oil and body work, and a tension-releasing scalp massage help open your body and mind to pure potentiality. - $121 | $91

Prana Flow Massage  (90 min) | (60 min)

A wonderful massage for first-time spa goers. Experience the combined benefits of gentle to medium pressure bodywork and the advantages of seasonal aromatherapy oils for a truly blissful experience for your senses. (If you've heard of a Swedish massage, this is our most similar version.) - $124 | $84

Prenatal Massage* (90 min) | (60 min)

A experience created to support and nurture both mother-to-be and baby. Special techniques and positioning help to ensure your complete relaxation and comfort even late in pregnancy. You'll benefit from a focus on the special needs that arise during pregnancy, such as reducing discomfort and concerns such as backache, swelling and leg cramps - $123 | $83
*Prenatal massage clients must be in the second trimester at a minimum

Deep Healing Massage (60 min)

Experience deep relief from stubborn or chronic conditions, including postural problems and many repetitive-use issues. Firmer pressure is used throughout the session and deep work is performed in specific areas of special need - $94

Tension Release Massage (45 mins)

This focused massages tailored just for you, releasing specific areas where you carry tension and stress. Warm towels and aromatherapy will invite your muscles to further loosen. - $60

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