In 2004, when Colleen said “yoga,” people thought she meant to say “yogurt.” The idea of tapping into your truest Self, and strengthening the power of your mind and heart as much as your body, hadn’t yet become an integral part of our culture that it is today. She felt an intuitive need back then – a soul calling – to bring yoga to everyBODYtype. Fifteen years later, Yoga 360 has had the honor of serving thousands of students and clients who have trusted us to support them on their path to healing. 


One of those many individuals was Michelle. For years, there was rarely a day when you wouldn't encounter her at Yoga 360 - attending class, receiving healing services in the spa, and more. It had become her heart, and her home. After nearly 15 years in healthcare communication and consulting, she knew her soul calling was to give back to the community that guided her toward a personal path to wellness. In 2018, she became Yoga 360's first business partner, joining Colleen as Managing Partner.


Together, it is Colleen and Michelle's purest intention to continue providing each student and client with a safe, peaceful space to invite an inner exploration of self-awareness, acceptance, empowerment, personal growth, and development. That’s as true today as it was when we introduced yoga to our community more than a decade and a half ago.


We understand that the days of confusing yoga with yogurt are long gone. You have choices now when it comes to where you practice and receive services and support. Although lots of others have come and gone in the 15 years since we first opened our doors, Yoga 360 remains a mainstay for surrounding communities.


Whether you’re taking the first step on your journey or you’ve been traveling your path for years….


Whether you’ve been a part of our community for a while, returning after some time away, or looking for a new place to call your own…


Whether you’re not sure how to start or thought you knew and then lost your way…


Whether you want to feel more connected to yourself or others, or simply need to give yourself permission to just be…


…welcome hOMe.

About Colleen

"I first reached for yoga at about 28 years old when I found this sense of discontentment in my life. It seemed although I had all the material things I wanted, something was missing. I remembered back to holidays with my Grandma and Uncle, and the peace they had in them as yoga teachers. I wanted some of that. So my journey began. I knew yoga changed something in me. It brought me a sense of belonging, understanding, and contentment that I still can't explain. Today, I tell students what a yoga teacher, Sri K Pattabhi Jois, said years ago, 'Practice, all is coming'."


Colleen, an accomplished wellness entrepreneur and manifestation educator, emphasizes intention-based living to create an inner journey towards healing, self-awareness, acceptance, and empowerment. She has a gift for teaching the wisdom of ancient Vedic text and their often-esoteric ideas and transforming them into usable lifestyle tools for living in today’s world.

Colleen has studied with H.H. The Dalai Lama and is honored to call Deepak Chopra, Davidji, Suhas Kshirsagar, M.D., Pandit Kamadeva Shastri (David Frawley), Shakti Redding and Elena Brower her teachers. Featured on many television programs, websites, and radio shows as well as newspapers and magazines, Colleen is the founder of Yoga 360, Inc. and is our Creative Visionary Partner. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Bradley University. Her teaching distinctions include Meditation and Perfect Health Ayurvedic Certifications from Deepak Chopra’s Chopra Center in California, Yoga Teaching Certification from Inner Power Yoga of Colorado and a Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from eCornell (a subsidiary of Cornell University).  More of Colleen's teachings can be found here. 

About Michelle

"I started as a student just like you. For years, I struggled to make myself a priority while meeting the demands of my stressful corporate jobs. When lack of self-care eventually took a toll on both my physical and mental health, I knew I had to take a different approach. I became a mainstay at Yoga 360 – first as a Pilates and yoga student, and then receiving healing support from acupuncture, spa services, retreats and more. My path eventually led me to the Yoga 360 School of Teaching, studying under my teacher and mentor, Colleen Rose. Today I’m the Managing Partner of Yoga 360, and also a yoga and Pilates teacher. Chances are if you call or stop in, I could be the one on the other end of the phone or here to greet you at the door. Meeting you is my absolute favorite part of my role!" 


As Yoga 360's Managing Partner, Michelle is dedicated to daily business operations, new business opportunities, building clients and student relationships, and leading our exceptional team of staff and teachers. Michelle is a graduate of the Yoga 360 School of Teaching. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Bradley University and a Master of Arts degree in Organizational Leadership from Lewis University. She is certified in Pilates Reformer instruction by the National Exercise Trainers Association, and in User Experience Design by CareerFoundry. There are lots of ways to reach her, too—via email, through her Facebook group “Yoga with Michelle Schaper” or on Instagram @mschaper27. 

(Left to right) Michelle Schaper, Managing Partner, and Colleen Rose, Founder and Creative Visionary Partner

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