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A Yoga 360 Story

Maybe you're not exactly sure what you're looking for. Or maybe it's that you're just not feeling quite like yourself - a little (or a lot) anxious, depressed, overwhelmed, unfulfilled. Maybe you're looking to feel different, better...lighter. Sound familiar? It's okay. You're not alone.

From the mind to the body, from the physical to the emotional, life (like yoga) is a journey not to be judged but to be treasured each step of the way through profound understanding, regardless of whether those steps are big or small.

Any nervousness you may feel will begin to lift when calm and friendly Front Desk Concierges help guide you toward classes and services that are specially chosen just for you and your needs, providing just the right amount of detail, and explaining all you need to know before your first visit.

From the moment you walk through the door, you'll immediately sense a peaceful energy. Gentle music plays as aromatic balancing oils drift through the air. It's an unspoken invitation to begin to let go.

With teachers who encourage each little win and authentically inspire you toward your best self, you'll find classes with the level of ease or challenge you're looking for, improving your life both on and off the mat. Develop strength, flexibility, balance and alignment - of both body and mind. And open up to new ways of making life better, like improved sleep, emotional well-being, more centeredness, confidence, stress relief, pain management, and disease prevention. Join in person, or stay virtually connected to community and committed to your practice live online.

With spa therapists who invite you to release the things that don't serve you - whether physically, energetically, or spiritually - you'll feel lighter, fuller, and more empowered to serve the world in the unique way that only you can. The tools you'll gain will help you feel light...and be a light.

Tuning into your body's rhythms and the cycles of nature using rich, botanical, gourmet ingredients while immersed in a soothing oasis, experience relief from muscle tension, reduced levels of stress hormones, and eased anxiety. Be reminded in the midst of movement and chaos, to keep stillness inside you.


Whether you’re taking the first step on your journey or you’ve been traveling your path for years; whether you’re returning after some time away, or looking for a new place to call your own; whether you’re not sure how to start or thought you knew and then lost your way; or simply need to give yourself permission to just be…come as you are. Welcome hOMe.


(Left) Michelle Schaper, Managing Partner, and Colleen Rose, Founder/Creative Visionary Partner

A Little Note

"It is our purest intention to continue providing each client with a safe, peaceful space to invite an inner exploration of self awareness, acceptance, empowerment, personal growth, and development. That's as true today as it was when we introduced yoga to our community more than 15 years ago."

 - Michelle and Colleen

Co-owners of Yoga 360

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