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Acupuncture and

Eastern Medicine 


Originating in ancient China, acupuncture and functional Chinese medicine have been used for centuries to alleviate and treat a number of physical, mental and emotional conditions.


Jaquelyn Taylor is a licensed, board-certified acupuncturist, herbalist and functional medicine practitioner seeing clients at Yoga 360. Her gift is helping clients to connect to their body's innate wisdom, strength and healing capacity. Her tools include acupuncture, custom-made Chinese herbal medicine, personalized dietary and lifestyle recommendations, bodywork and cupping therapy, medical Qi Gong, and energy work and exercises.


She has been in clinical practice since 2012, and specializes in treating a wide variety of disorders including pain, anxiety, depression, menopause, infertility, pre-natal/post-partum care, emotional issues, digestive issues and internal organ dysfunction.  


Together with Yoga 360, a comprehensive wellness treatment program is created to support your greater health and well being.

First Appointment: (allow 90 min) - $147

Includes detailed health evaluation, identification of causes associated with your individual condition(s), your first acupuncture treatment, and development of a plan of care incorporating additional acupuncture treatments, Chinese herbs, supplements, and nutritional and lifestyle recommendations.

First time clients please download and complete the New Client Profile and either email to (preferred) or bring to your session.

Follow Up Appointment (allow 60 min) - $97

Treatment Packages

Customized treatment packages are available.

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